Easy DIY Sandbox Tutorial

sb11sb10One of our favorite things about living in our new house is the tiny outdoor living space it provides. For the first time since we moved to California, we have our own little yard, so we really wanted to make the most of it for J. By far, one of his favorite things to do is play in the sand at the beach, so we decided we wanted to build him a little sandbox so he can build sandcastles right there in our backyard!

When we finally had a free weekend, we took just a few hours of it to build this super easy sandbox, so I’ll share with you exactly how we did it! We wanted ours to measure 32×52 to fit our sandbox in a pretty small space in our yard, so we measured accordingly. We also decided instead of staining the wood, we wanted a bright and playful pop of white paint to stand out in the wood chips that covers our yard as landscaping. Obviously, those are both personal preferences, so measure according to your own space and choose a stain or paint color that suits your own style!


2 49″ 2×10 boards

2 32″ 2×10 boards

wood screws

electric screwgun

Large file (to sand down the corners of the wood)

weed block

staple gun

6 50lb bags of play sand

1 small can of Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint in Ultra Pure White

1-2 Paint brushes (depending if you have help)

After digging down and clearing the wood chips all the way to the bottom of the yard to make space for the frame, we then built the sandbox frame by screwing the four boards together, the shorter boards on the outside to add that extra couple inches on each side.sb1Then, we attached the weed block on one side of the boards with a staple gun, then flipped the box over so the weed block was closest to the ground.sb2sb3We then used the large file to sand down the corners of the box to remove any splinters that were caused by screwing the boards together. Then, we painted the frame on all sides, leaving the last inch or two since it will be set down into the ground and will be filled with sand on the inside.sb4sb5After the paint was dry, we dumped all 6 bags of play sand into the box. Then, we replaced all the wood chips around the outside of the box and re-leveled everything out.sb6sb13sb14Add a few sand toys and a two-year old, and there ya go… endless summertime fun in just a few simple steps!sb7J really loves it, he will spend hours playing in there!sb9sb8





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2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Sandbox Tutorial

  1. Hi there! This looks do fun! I am curious though if you built a top or anything got when it rains. If so, can you show a pic it give a description? Thanks!

    • Hi Marielle! I actually didn’t get to that yet, we have a large piece of cardboard that we’ve thrown over it when the weather has threatened rain, but we’ve been pretty lucky! I plan to add one, so I’ll post it when I do! Thanks!!

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