Another Wild Rumpus!

Since having J’s first birthday party and posting the details HERE on the blog, I’ve had a few inquiries about sharing some of the cute little details from his Wild Rumpus! I’m so excited to share a couple of photos from a gorgeous mama that also had a “Where the Wild Things Are” inspired party for her cute little guy turning one! She threw one heck of a party, and she used some of the details, including the signs and labels, from J’s party! It is so fun to see other’s creativity, especially when just a touch of the inspiration came from my own! This mama covered every, single detail. Check it out!DSC_6369DSC_6184DSC_6185DSC_6187DSC_6226DSC_6175DSC_6176DSC_6657DSC_6220DSC_6219DSC_8029If you are also interested in purchasing any of the adorable printable signs, invitation, or food labels, check them out HERE in my Etsy Shop!

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

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