Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty


When you decide to have your first baby, I think the assumption is that you must have at least one of everything for them by the time they arrive. You think you need to fill your home with the latest and greatest and if you don’t, your baby will somehow know something’s missing. Other than the obvious essentials such as a car seat, crib or bassinet, clothes, diapers, and blankets what else do you actually need? Do you have to have a swing or bouncer, monitor, bathtub, or every type of stroller on the market before they even make their big debut?

I was happy to find when baby J came home with us, that he thoroughly enjoyed the swing. It’s nothing spectacular, in fact, it was given to us by some friends that no longer needed it for their kids. I thought then, maybe we should go buy a bigger, fancier swing with an array of musical choices, flashing lights, dangling toys and can swing every which way. Luckily, the minimalist in me realized that what we had was more than enough, because 3 months later, J wants little to do with it.

While we’re still in the market for a good monitor, (for the day I’m able to handle J sleeping more than 12 inches from me)  I’m glad we didn’t go out right away and buy the most advanced technology money can buy. As much as that goes against everything my husband would normally believe in, (he’s kind of an electronics geek) we’ve yet to be in a situation where we can’t hear even the faintest cry from the other room.

We were given a basic bath tub from another couple of friends, which we’ve used exactly 5 times so far. As J gets older, I can absolutely see the necessity for a tub or chair, but I’m very glad we didn’t go crazy with a spa bath or some other “super soother” kind of thing, because in my opinion, Mommy or Daddy’s arms during bath time is the most “soothing” place to be.

After thinking way too much about it, we realized that we could get away with just one stroller to fit our lifestyle. We realized that for now, the only time we’ll really want a stroller is for walking the strand at the beach or jogging through the neighborhood. So, when J was around 2 months old, we went out and got a jogger stroller that is also compatible with our infant car seat. It’s easy to set up and breakdown and fairly compact. We’ve found that for most other situations we’ve been in so far, wearing him in a carrier has been the easiest choice for us!

Now that J is a little older (sad, but true) he’s really enjoying his playmat and since he fell in love with my friend Kelli’s walker, we just ordered his own, so I’ll post about it when it comes!!

I’m happy we decided to make purchases (or accept hand-me-downs) as J needed things, instead of going out and getting everything “they” say you need. I like the idea that instead of having 15 different things to keep my baby occupied, I have spent the majority of our days being his main source of entertainment. Honestly, his favorite toys to play with right now are my face and hands, and his favorite thing to stare at is our reflections in the mirror! So, up to this point, no “flashing lights”  have been required.


“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

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